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Il Bordo Spesso

Accademic project
Project developped with Marta Elisa Signorelli
Venice (IT), 2020

The Island of Certosa, in the venetian lagoon, can be considered the first point of contact for the city of Venice to a more rural and natural world. Right now, several areas present a strong wild character, in contrast with others that are built and defined. The project proposed aims to valorise the relation between land and water and restore a fundamental connection with the surrounding landscape.

To  do  that,  the  project  takes  place  along  the  portion  of  the  island’s boundary  where  it’s  possible  to  introduce  new  typologies  of  spaces and  elements  that  establish  a  new  idea  of  thick  border.  The  historical wall,  which  surrounds  the  island  and  defines  the  division  between  the island itself and the lagoon, becomes the element to play with in order to generate a sequence of spaces that create multiples experiences to embrace the landscape. If sometimes the presence of the wall permits to concentrate the attention to the inner island, other times his absence allows to live the surface of the water as public space.

The project is part of a bigger general design foreseen for the island of Certosa, in which large functional sectors are identified: urban, peri-urban, agricultural and natural. These sectors are adapted to the current uses of the island, related to the present naval activities and its use as a park. The identified areas are the active background of the new board path, which crosses them and with which it enters in relation.

The project is composed by three main elements: the green rooms, the piers and the descents to water.
Particular  attention  is  given  to  the  choice  and  the  placement  of  the vegetation,  especially  for  the  big  trees  that  are  distributed  along  the border. Those elements will permit to create a strong landscape identity, that  will  finally  insert  the  Island  of  Certosa inside  the  territory  where  itbelongs.


The relations of Isola della Certosa with the venetian lagoon.


Perception of the borders analysis.


Naval border.


Spontaneous border.


Strategic masterplan.


Il bordo spesso.

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