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Parco Commendone

Executive project
Project developped in collaboration with A&P Architettura del Paesaggio
Rome (IT), 2022

The redevelopment project of Parco Commendone is part of the interventions already partly carried out within the area, and is intended as an essential completion of new functions and vegetal and spatial qualities.

The park is located within the complex of popular housing built in the '60s designed by Pietro Barucci, Lucio Passarelli and Marcello Vittorini. The project shows the characters of a typology that is strongly identifiable, both in the design and architectural landscape. The project can therefore be considered as an important opportunity to redefine the use of open spaces in relation to a particular portion of the city now consolidated.
The new park revolves around the creation of a recreational-sports path that winds along the existing one, and that assumes forms and spaces specifically designed for crossing on skateboards and the possibility of becoming the scene of new collective uses. The path ends in the skatepark, specially designed for acrobatic activities and sports, but also to be used as a new meeting place and aggregation. In addition to the structures related to skateboarding, a soccer field will be built to materialize the informal play area currently set up. The project also provides for the planting of shrubs and trees according to specific criteria of landscape composition that can combine the need to fit into a built environment and partly consolidated with an idea of new identity of the park. The plant elements have been appropriately chosen and arranged in order to create different types of spaces and provide protection and shade to the most sensitive areas. Attention has also been paid to the meadow surfaces, identifying areas in relation to the new path in which to allow the formation of a flower meadow with a strong naturalistic character.


The roman territory.

Planimetria generale.jpg
PIANTA ZOOM_Tavola disegno 1.jpg

Ac - Acer campestre h9 Ø9
Am - Acer monspessulanum h12 Ø9
Ca - Celtis australis h12 Ø16
Fo - Fraxinus omus h10 Ø10
Ma - Morus alba h12 Ø12
Oc - Ostrya carpinifolia h15 Ø8
Pa - Prunus avium h6 Ø6
Qp - Quercus petraea h16 Ø16
Qr - Quercus robur h16 Ø16

Au - Arbutus unedo h4 Ø4
Cs - Cercis siliquastrum h8 Ø5
Cm - Crataegus monogyna h4 Ø4
Pg - Punica granatum h4 Ø4
Vt - Viburnum tinus h3 Ø3

Es - Eucaliptus spp h20 Ø15
Pxa - Platanus x acerifolia h21 Ø15
Psk - Prunus serrulata “Kanzan” h7 Ø7
Pst - Prunus serrulata “Tai-Haku” h8 Ø8
Qi - Quercus ilex h12 Ø12
Rp - Robinia pseudoacacia h12 h4 Ø4
Tc - Tilia cordata h15 Ø10

20211228_Progetto - dettagli - PORT_Parabolica - 1.100.jpg

Parabolic path.

RM02-21_E12 Progetto stralcio planimetrico e sezioni area skate park_E 12-01.jpg
20211228_Progetto - dettagli - PORT_Skate park - 1.100-2.jpg

Section AA

20211228_Progetto - dettagli - PORT_Skate park - 1.100-1.jpg

Section BB

20211228_Progetto - dettagli_AXO.jpg
SKATE - autumn.jpg

The skate park.

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